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If you're inquiring about joining fruitPOP, we're happy to consider future members from New York City or Los Angeles, so get in touch if you live in those cities! Our active season begins in January.

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2024 Off-Playa Events


7:15 & Captivate

Hi! Welcome to Camp FruitPOP!

FruitPOP is a queer Burning Man theme camp (est. 2019). With events both fun and ridiculous, our playa family brings a safe, judgement-free space throughout the burn. We value creative expression and participation from our members and on-playa guests.


It is our mission to build FruitPOP to evolve every year to align with the Burning Man Theme, 10 Principles, and the ever-changing member roster.



We’re a queer group, striving to build space that is welcoming, safe, and FUN for all our guests. 



Every fruit belongs in the salad! fruitPOP is committed to making a space where everyone feels included, and we believe Burning Man can and should be a more diverse space



We create events both on and off playa to bring our camp family together, and introduce others to our ethos and community.

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